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Entrance to CyclArt - front door 2012

You can visit, CyclArt or ship to us.   For directions see this page.  For advice on packaging and shipping see our Shipping Tips page.

You can send us a frame, parts or a complete bike.  You can even send us a container full of them.

We can estimate from emails.  Attaching photos of the "before" and examples your preferred "after" is recommended.

Our  online and printable estimator can help you explore the options.

Call us at 760-599-1015 if you'd like to discuss.

Susan Cunningham on the phone while striping at vintage bicycle frame.

Colors may be selected from our online charts, or you can provide samples for us to match, or a paint code from an automotive paint chart.

We either have, can find or will make decals as needed.  We neither sell trademarked decals separately, nor apply them to repaired or refinished frames where we cannot know the underlying frame's condition, nor we will apply incorrect decals to misrepresent the identity or value of any frame.  Exceptions are only made for documentable sponsorship arrangements or sale directly to the trademark owner.  There are no limits to imagination for custom art created as paint or decals.

When your project arrives we will review it and send a confirming estimate.  Sometimes with complicated work, we'll revise it until if defines just what you want.

When you see that we have the confirming estimate correct, send a 50% deposit to activate your order.

Predicting turnaround is not possible because we have so many projects going at any time and we cannot know when RUSH orders will be requested. We can estimate delivery or commit to an effort to meet an agreed delivery date.  We recommend that you prepare a back-up bike.  Or tell us when you need delivery and we will confirm whether we can meet your date and if a surcharge will be necessary to do so.

For inspiration, Check out our Flickr Photostream  and or our Facebook page.