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Restoration as Time Travel...

The majority of our work are simple refinishes for cyclists who recognize that most paint and chrome finishes wear out long before frames do.

We like the practicality of basic refurbishing, but are passionate when our skill and creativity are tested by a detailed restoration. With partial refinishes, or touch-up colro must match precisely.  Outr goal is to make damage as though it never happened.  Time travel... 

Our experience: Since 1976 we have worked on over 50,000 bicycles. Our CyclArtists have nearly 80 years combined full time experience with this company.  Our interest in the whole range of bicycling has lead to work on virtually all types.  We've worked with materials like steel, aluminum, carbon fiber, many plastics, wood, magnesium and titanium.  We're very careful to record and document our work to add to our in-house reference library. Perhaps you've got a new challenge for us!

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CyclTique: Starting with a damaged or neglected bike, missing parts are replaced with correct era used ones, then all parts are cleaned, polished and rebuilt. If decals & striping are visible, they are photographed, traced and reproduced. In some cases, we can save some portion of the original finish and match the new paint to the old. If rust has taken hold, or the frame has been refinished, it is stripped to clean metal, repaired as needed and a durable new finish is applied. In any case, since the components show their age, any new paint is can be carefully "weathered" using airbrushes, and other techniques to artificially simulate the appearance of a well maintained original.

When the finished result is in our showroom people ask anxiously, "You're not gonna repaint this are you?", mistaking the finished product for a beautiful original which should be preserved "as is."

Frame after and before work

Accuracy counts!  CyclArt recreates original color, pinstripes, chrome and decals precisely.  Many collectors feel restorations should be done right,  or not at all. ~ we agree

A Typical CyclArt Restoration Includes:
• Showroom visit, or ship your bike.
• Research and Disassembly.
• Parts evaluation, replace or replate.
• Frame alignment and crack check.
• Frame repairs or braze-ons.
• Paint removal, metal prep & priming.
• Careful hand sanding and filling.
• Custom mixed urethane sprayed in a dust-free booth.
• Striping, masking, special paint effects.
• Decal art created, printed and applied.
• Spray clear, final sand and polish.
• Reassemble, adjust & road test.
• Pick-up at our showroom or we package & ship anywhere.