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To CyclArtists, the bicycle is at once the noblest of machines and a vehicle of expression

You can send the bike to us in any stage of disassembly.  We have a full range of assembly services.  Please do not strip paint.

All CyclArt finishes include an alignment and crack check, and complete removal of old finish.  Then we proceed to one of these base finishes:

"Cat. 5",  is a really tough, powder coat finish. Looks like quality paint, but solvent free and very tough. Very chip resistant, a bit less protective against corrosion and fading. An excellent choice for mountain bikes or tight budgets. A wide, but not unlimited range of colors are available.Powdercoats may not be used on carbon or bonded components and not recommended for heat treated aluminum due to the high baking temperatures required.

The next step up, "Cat 3" is a wet paint finish including an epoxy primer for improved corrosion protection, hand sanding to correct minor pitting, more beautiful, unlimited selection of urethane colors, and a single coat of  urethane clear, applied before any decals or graphics.  These wet paint finishes are also tough, have better corrosion protection, have better film thickness control, may be use multiple colors and are safe on all frame materials.

Cat 2 provides all that Cat 3 does, plus extra clear coats which can be applied over decals and striping. As good or better than the best factory finishes.

Cat 1 is the ultimate bike finish. Additional coats and much more hand sanding can correct pitting or surface defects on rough frames.  On every frame we strive for the best finish possible , even applying multiple layers of clear over decals then sanding completely smooth before applying a glass-like final clear.

Depending on option choices like chrome, custom paint effects, braze-ons, decals etc.  Average for a CyclArt refinish is about $695. Manufacturers, dealers and  race teams get quantity discounts. 

Check the blue bar above for full pricing, order guide and more!

Below are a few of our fine art exotics:

Flames integrate beam to bike on a carbon Softride.  many components can be painted.

About $1250

Original design hand painted directly on the frame by fine artist Dan Thoner

Intricate Fractal patterns.

About $950

Literally painted with fire!

About $650

"Final Frontier" Space airbrushed frame with matching helmet.

About $1250