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“Better than New” Bicycle Upgrade

Since 1976 CyclArt has rebuilt thousands of bikes; some with purely “correct” vintage parts suitable for collector’s shows, some state-of-the-art bikes, and mixes of old and new.

You know you like the fit, comfort, durability and classic look of your frame. Now, we can vastly improve your bike’s performance, keeping the ride and look you love, while gaining gear range, fingertip shifting, better braking, lower weight, sealed mechanisms and contemporary serviceability.

Now, CyclArt vintage bike tech Greg Reiche has formulated a “best of both worlds” package.

These parts look much like the classics; no noisy, fragile carbon or "blackout" look. Compared to vintage parts, these work better and will be familiar to any shop mechanic. Clearly, "Better than New" in many ways.

This kit will fit practically any road race frameset built between 1950 and 2000. If hub spacing or braze-ons need changes we can take care of that for you. Optional frame paint or restoration starts at $275 and averages $1000, so you will have a completely modern Campagnolo component set on your favorite old frame for between $2400 and $3500. This is about what Campagnolo Veloce-equipped bikes cost in a retail store, but with the comfort, durability and style of your vintage frame.

If you pick up your upgraded bike, Greg will be here for your test ride and final fitting. OR he will ship bike after test riding it himself, requiring only minimal assembly.

BRIFTERS (Brake levers with Fingertip shifting) Campagnolo Veloce Ergo 10

Campagnolo Veloce Ergo 10 Levers


Campagnolo Veloce rear, med. cage

Campagnolo Veloce rear derailleur

Campagnolo Veloce front braze-on

Campagnolo Veloce front derailleur

OPTION clamp-on adapter required for frames without a brazed-on boss


Three options to fit all frames:

Campagnolo Veloce 40-50mm recessed

Campagnolo Veloce calipers

OPTION 1 Tektro R539 47-57mm recessed

Tektro R539 calipers

OPTION 2 Tektro R559 55-73mm nutted

Tektro R539 calipers

OPTIONAL BRAKES: Gran Compe 610 centerpull brakes will allow retention of centerpull stops or require their addition. They have more clearance for fenders and give a more retro appearance. Available in both nutted and recessed types. Reach is 47 to 61mm

Gran Compe 610 calipers


Campagnolo Veloce Power-torque, std. or compact

Campagnolo Veloce Crankset

OPTION IRD Defiant road double, std. or compact. See Bottom Bracket Option below


Campagnolo external BB cups BSC or Italian

Campagnolo external BB cups

OPTION French, Swiss, Raleigh or Chater-Lea threaded frames are not compatible with Campagnolo's Power-torque OBB cups, and we've found no acceptable substitute crankset yet that will work with OBB cups. In the meantime, we happily offer the IRD Defiant crankset, in vintage Campagnolo Record style but is 10-speed drivetrain compatible. It uses a square taper bottom bracket, which is available in all the above threadings, and even for press-fit BB frames like some Kleins.


IRD Elite

IRD elite Cogset


A wide selection of crank length, chainring size and cog range is available. Specify preference or call us and we will make recommendation based on leg length, terrain and riding style.


Wippermann Connex 10 nickel

Wippermann Connex 10


Panaracer Pasela, 700Cx25/28/32mm,

OR 27" x 1, 1-1/8, 1-1/4"

Panaracer Pasela tires

There are other tire options, but we specify this one for great quality, ride, and vintage appearance. Most vintage frames have clearance for the larger tire diameters, giving a smooth ride and better durability. Small widths popular in the 1970s and '80s have no advantage for recreational riding.


Choose Presta (Small)

OR Schrader (Automotive type) valve


Velox cotton


Newbaum's cotton, many colors available

HANDLEBAR TAPE Newbaums cotton

OR Cork padded tape assorted colors.

WHEELS SunXCD high-flange 32 or 36h (rear freehub) hubs, SOMA Eldon clincher rims polished w/stainless eyelets, stainless spokes. NOTE: If your bike was built for 27” wheels, we recommend keeping it that way. Converting to 700C will give a wider range of tire availability, but will require 4MM more brake reach.

wheels SunXCD

OPTION for 27" wheels, SunXCD hubs 32 or 36h, Sun CR18 polished rims, stainless spokes. Good tires are still available. Same brake reach.


Exustar clipless

Exustar clipless pedals


If you do not want the clipless included in the standard package, we can supply: MKS Sylvan Prime, track, touring, or road:

MKS Sylvan Prime track pedalsMKS Sylvan Prime touring pedalsMKS Sylvan Prime road pedals

MKS steel clips, S/M/L/XL

MKS steel toeclips

MKS Fit-A leather straps, black/white/brown, stainless buckle

MKS Fit-A toestraps


Often, these parts do not need replacement. Choose these if you are not retaining existing equivalent. When retaining existing parts, overhaul and detailing charges will apply. SEATPOST Nitto S83 two-bolt 27.2

Nitto S83 two-bolt seatpost

OPTION other sizes available in different posts, please inquire SADDLE Brooks B17 Standard. Choose black, brown, honey, red, blue, ochre, green. Women's in black or honey

Saddle Brooks B17 Standard

HEADSET Tange Levin CDS ISO 1", 26.4 or 27.0 crown race

Headset Tange Levin CDS

OPTION Velo Orange French thread

STEM Nitto Pearl (Cinelli 1A style) 80-120mm ext., 26.0 clamp

Nitto Pearl Stem Cinelli 1A style

OPTION Nitto Technomic (Cinelli 1A style, high-rise) 60-130mm ext., 26.0 clamp

Nitto Technomic stem Cinelli 1A style high-rise

HANDLEBAR Nitto M178 "Mark's bar," engraved, heat-treated, deep drop, 38-46cm width, 26.0 clamp

handlebar Nitto M178 engraved heat treated deep drop

All additional options $455 to $525

Package price: $1616 to $1816

Full components package with all options: $2071 to $2341

Final pricing will be formally estimated in writing before we begin.

OPTIONAL Accessories:

Water Cage:  Velo Orange stainless retro cage.

Velo Orange stainless retro water bottle cage


Topeak frame fit pump, 4 sizes available to fit most frame mount locations.



Please contact us today to start the process of giving new life to your old bike friend.  Together we can resurrect and improve your cycling experience!

CyclArt 760-599-1015